COVID-19 Safety Procedures

COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Clients


First off - please check to be sure that your dog(s) is up to date on all their health requirements prior to returning for daycare. Thanks to all the clients who have forwarded their vet updates recently.

We ask that all clients please wear face coverings when dropping off and picking up their pets as we do have several high-risk clients and we want to be sure everyone stays as safe as possible; though we are aware that this is not mandatory, per Governor Scott, at this time. As will be posted in the drop-off and pick up area, please continue following the current social distancing guidelines and any other safety measures that have been outlined by Governor Scott.

It goes without saying, we hope, that if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating, in quarantine, or has tested positive for COVID-19, or if your pet seems unwell, that you DO NOT bring your pets to our facility. We will certainly waive any cancellation fees for "no shows" or late notice if you let us know this was the reason.

Drop Offs

We ask that you please leave your pet in the car if you are not first in line to drop off, ring the buzzer on the walkie talkie (which will be stationed outside between both doors with hand sanitizer available for your use), and then take your place in the drop-off cue. If you are second or third in line, please wait until you are the next client to be motioned in to get your dog(s) out of the car. The cue will be denoted by orange cones spaced 6 feet apart to ensure all clients are spaced appropriately.

We will have a dedicated "IN" and "OUT" area, however, clients WILL NOT be entering the office at this time. When Garth or I come to let you know we are ready for you, please go to your car and get your dog (if you have not already). Please come wait at the first come and hold the end of your dog's leash outside the door and let them come to us. We will take ahold of their leash at the base of their collar and bring them in the office. Please to not use retractable leashes at this time. If your dog transports in a portable crate please set the crate down in front of the door and we will bring the crate in.

If you have a bag with goodies for your pup please set it down on the rack mid-way between the door and the first cone/signage, and we will fetch it after we have secured the dog inside. If you have forgotten your leash, or you only have a retractable leash, we can provide a lead for your use.

For clients who would prefer NOT to get out of their car and/or or use the walkie talkie, please contact us directly and we can try to make arrangements.

Pick Ups

We will be bringing your dog(s) out to your car at the end of the day. Please ring the buzzer on the walkie talkie to let us know you are here for pick up. Again, if there are multiple clients here at one time, please wait in your car or form a cue at the indicated cones, until the client(s) ahead of you have left.

We will do our best to determine the order that people arrive, but occasionally we may need to change the order to best facilitate flow of traffic, given the constraints in our parking area. Please be patient.

We will not be accepting cash for the time being. In order to ensure that clients do not need to come into the office we will need to either place a credit card "on file" in our system, or if you would like to pay by check, we will accept checks. We will have a red drop box (eventually) available to place checks in - just let us know you will be placing/have placed a check in the box.

For the card on file we will need the name on the card, the card number, expiration date, CVV code (3 digit on back for Visa/MC/Discover; 4 digit on front for AmEx), your zip code, and the email you prefer for notifications if we do not already have it on file. Feel free to write this up for us ahead of time (and we will dispose of it properly once entered), or we can take the information over the phone. Please do not email credit card information. We are also working on other possible solutions for remote payment and will update you if and when those become available.

We look forward to seeing you all again, and hope that this system will work well for all.

- Liz, Garth & Matilda